Presentation Thoughts!

For the group presentations, I am choosing to talk about the group that did their's on the topic of cyber security. Cyber crimes specifically seemed to be the theme of the presentation. The people that presented were very informative. Certain topics that were covered include the act of phishing. This is an important area to discuss because people who use email will encounter a form of this at some point. Phishing would be the way that attackers trick users into giving out sensitive personal information.

The criminal activity aspect of this was defined in the presentation as any manipulation data that would be used in a harmful manner. Everyone is affected by some form of cyber crime, as mentioned in the presentation. In the statistics section, I had noticed that there were about 500 billion people affected by this a year. The group said that this quote was taken at Microsoft. Which would make sense because that company must encounter a good deal of cyber related issues themselves…

Group Project

For the group project I believe that we have decided upon presenting about various drones and their capabilities and features. This is because they are becoming more and more capable of handling tasks that were otherwise not possible in terms of tools and technology. Today drones can be used to survey large areas of land which is extremely valuable when considering man power as well as time and resources. They even offer live video stream feeds that could be used in situations such as search and rescue.

 We will be going over some of the various drones that are available and also some of their various specs and abilities. I used to sell them at a business that I worked for in the past. The drones that I was working with and selling to customers are nowhere near as powerful as the ones I have seen available in today's market. We did have some fairly agile ones however. I had the pleasure of operating a few flying drones so we may also go into detail about how drones are operated as…

guest speaker

I heard from notes that I had read about a guest speaker and looked up some information about him. Having an entrepreneur make his presence in class is a great way for students to gain an idea as to how a professional in the industry behaves and interacts and even socializes with others. It is fun to see how someone like that is able to visit educational institutions and share his knowledge with other people. 
Privacy is always a topics that technology users have to be aware of at all times. Any piece of advice in that subject is very useful to anyone with sensitive data. The National Security Agency has been increasing more and more in power as well as numbers. The access they have over public data is getting to be  more and more invasive to everyday users. People who use the internet should be aware that their communications are sometimes monitored and in some cases individuals are even spied upon for various reasons.

dot com bubble

In learning about the dot com bubble there were many areas that could be learned from financially as well as in business. These are all important topics and lessons to learn for any professional look to make big moves inside of the tech industry. The most important things to note from the film were how a small group of individuals were able to notice a huge bubble inside of a market and then invest from their. A large amount of small business were introduced to the stock market and became publicly traded companies at a record breaking rate. One could learn that when huge exploitation of a market are being made, eventually there will have to be a crash leaving a large amount of professionals in some class unemployed.
The major technology boom had started around the time of 1995. The most important topic of the time were things such as Netscape, an internet browser. Books were being introduced having to do with how to publish internet web pages. Also to mention were companies such as in…

Topic for end of class report

Once the class draw closer to the time where presentations are due, I have decided that I would like my topic to be about the topic of IoT also known as the internet of things. This is a very recent topic in terms of technology and is changing the way we interact with it everyday! I also would like to present about this topic because it is reletively new in terms of it being a technological category, which is very exciting.

Also, I would like to learn more about this topic myself, so this will be a good chance to become educated on this new up and coming technological area. The Internet of Things itself is actually a broad way of referring to a large existing network of interconnected devices. This could even be your home refrigerator, washing machine, or even heart rate monitor at your local hospital!

This new network has plans to be implemented more in the future to come. There are going to be advancements made to interconnect vehicles with your home and appliances along with variou…

Where is journalism going?

The web is constantly changing journalism in a number of different ways at a very fast pace! As a student studying journalism, as well as technology, I see all of these changes. In journalism you are taught to grab the attention of your reader, stressing urgency. In a typical news broadcast, one will grab the attention of the viewer with a loud headline, then digress into the story. However with a web posting, there will be a headline that usually sounds much more outlandish and drastic. Followed by a very in depth analysis. What is important to note is that a viewer can take as much time as they want to process the information on the web. In a typical broadcast, various stories are being thrown at the viewer without the ablility to listen again or more closely. Facts are also slanted more in a web story because there is more time to prepare for the stories. Also, a news broadcast will take a while to send out news. For instance, if an important event occurs in between the morning an…

How you say "hello" in html land

This is my documented experience of creating a basic HTML web page. Upon beginning I had a good amount of confidence with this assignment, I thought that I would be able to do everything on the first try without any HTNL errors or problems like that. I was confident because of the fact that I had seen how a hello world page had looked in HTML format before. It seemed simple to remember but when I began typing the format of how the document was supposed to be formed slowly escaped my mind. The more I wrote the more I double guessed how to open and close my tags along with what order to put them in. I thought that I would just remember everything from glancing at the rules for how to write different tags. Also, on the Mozilla browser, after running the HTML that I had written, there was no association to an actual webpage. On, accident I had used the text editor's default setting to save as a .txt. Ao after a few more tries I had realized that in order to run as a web page, it had…